Our consultants

Become a Grace is Green consultant and earn something extra promoting products you love!

  • There is no fee to start. We will provide you with a starter package, which is purchased with a good discount.
  • You are responsible for complying with the legislation of taxes, social contributions and taxation in your region.
  • If you decide being a consultant is not your calling, you can return your package within 60 days (provided no damage to product or packaging incl. smoke) for a full refund. If you wish to keep the products, this can be fully invoiced (at consumer prices).
  • Recommend someone and, at the start, you will receive a discount voucher to complete your package.
  • We expect some activity in a 3 month period. Of course, there are always circumstances, so be transparent and we can happily discuss each individual situation.
  • Let us know where and when you have planned a diaper info day / afternoon / evening and we can advertise it for you. Do you need our help, or do you have any questions or problems? Be sure to let us know via Facebook chat, phone or email.


How does it work?

  • submit your request to become a consultant via info@graceisgreen.com
  • we will call you to go over everything or, if possible, we will arrange an appointment
  • you can keep products in stock or buy them when you have an order
  • you order online via your specific account for one or more customers. Once we receive your payment, the goods will be sent to you
  • the difference between our invoice that you have paid and the purchased goods from your customer that they have paid to you is your commission - so do not wait for your money!
  • as a consultant you will be responsible for the distribution of the products as well as aftercare
  • no need to worry, we will be with you to help every step of the way!