About us


Our vision is for a washable diaper to be on the shelf next to every throwaway diaper, giving the consumer a real choice!

Grace is Green started as a webshop in England. As a mum from our first little one, I had tested and experimented a lot of different eco and organic products for mother and child. So I (Rebecca) was the driving force behind our business, while my husband Tim put the website together evening after evening, from a really small beginning.

When we moved to my homeland, Belgium, we decided to tackle things completely differently. We decided to focus on distributing the best brands across the Benelux, such as Imse Vimse, Bamboolik, Divacup and Muumi.

 As Shakespare said, ‘what'’s in a name’...well for us, the name of our business 'Grace is Green' isn't just a name, but a driving passion.


It all started around a line out of a song from the band, U2:

Grace. It's the name of a girl. It's also a thought that changed the world.

Grace - it's name of our first daughter (who by the way was extremely cute in washable nappies / diapers) and this is also the channel where pieces of the world are changed - at least, that's our goal!

We do this via the charity Compassion. We support 1 child called Islen Skaruin and we hope that in the near future we can take on a second sponsor child. We will try to provide more information about all this as soon as we can.

As they say here in West Flanders, "een beetje met een keer" (roughly translated, 'a bit at a time'). This is a phrase we are all too familiar with in the renovations of our home and also in our growth as a business. So here's a brief overview of how we got started here:

Firstly, we started under what was known at the time as "Gusto", now known as Starterslabo, and the first sales came in with much celebration!

Our warehouse was organised with the help of my parents. We were extremely 'green', using anything we could find to make cupboards and storage, and happily received an old table and carpet that someone threw out.

Over the years we've done a lot of fairs and exhibitions in Belgium and the Netherlands, big and small and with a lot of enthusiasm.

In the meantime, we have a much bigger and nicer warehouse and a lot more professionally presented racks and baskets that seem to empty just as soon as we fill them!

All our administration is currently done from our home, but we have a dream and a vision that an office space, as well as warehouse can be especially built for us! 

You can see a picture here of the first supermarket to take on our range of washable nappies / diapers - Carrefour Hypermarkten. This is the first of many that will follow!

We really hope to make a difference in the Benelux and across Europe as a wholesaler and webshop. Our vision is that there will be a washable diaper next to every regular diaper in every children's shop, supermarkets and webshops; so there is some work at the store!

We have great dreams to change what we can in the world, but we cannot do it alone. So we really appreciate your business, support and trust enormously!