Water Shoes - Blue

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ImseVimse’s Water Shoes are designed to prevent slips and falls, and to protect your baby’s feet at the pool or the beach. Our water shoes fit is great on the tiny feet and won’t slip off your baby’s foot, not even when in water. The shoes are made of Neoprene for a soft and comfortable fit. ImseVimse’s Water Shoes are formaldehyde and phthalates free. You will find this design in different colors.

The water shoes are recommended for use mainly during water games at the beach or the pool. They are not recommended to use during longer walks on hard surfaces, such as asphalt for example.

Size 6-12 months

  • EU size 19-20
  • UK size 3-4
  • US size 3-4 (11,5 cm)

Size 12-18 months

  • EU size 21-23,
  • UK size 4-5, US size 5-6 (13 cm)

Size 18-24 months

  • EU size 24-25,
  • UK size 6-7
  • US size 7-8 (14 cm)

Size 2-3 years

  • EU size 26-27
  • UK size 8-9
  • US size 9-10 (15,5 cm)

Wash Instructions

Rinse in chlorine free water after use.


The product is made in China through ImseVimse.

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