One Size Diaper Cover (Velcro) – Chocolate + Foxes-Mice

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This Diaper Cover is the outer layer of Bamboolik’s AI2 Diaper System designed for regular day and night-time use for babies from 4 up to 15 kg. The Diaper Cover is extremely popular due to its reliability and flexibility – it repeatedly won the Czech Cloth Diaper Of the Year contest in the “Diaper Cover” category in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and became the absolute winner of this poll in 2014 and 2015.

Why do both parents and children love Bamboolik's Diaper Cover that much?

1. It is simple to use in many ways:

  • As an outer layer for Bamboolik’s AI2 diaper system
  • As a diaper cover over Bamboolik’s Night Fitted Diaper or any other fitted diaper
  • As a diaper cover over classic rectangular diapers or prefolds (with well-managed newborn folding may be used also for babies under 4 kg)
  • As an outer layer for any other modern cloth diapers

2. Key assets:

  • Waterproof and breathable material (polyester laminated with polyurethane, so called PUL) of high quality. PUL repels water just like a waterproof jacket, keeping the moisture away from your baby’s skin while allowing it to breathe.
  • Sophisticated design that allows the diaper to copy the changing body of your baby softly during the whole diapering period, more reliably than disposables!
  • One size – adjustable into four different sizes according to your baby’s height and weight.
  • Double lining around the baby’s legs - designed to protect against any sort of leakage.
  • Fleece bordering helps to increase reliability and at the same time makes the cover softer towards your baby’s skin.
  • High quality of material and manufacturing, allowing you to wash the Diaper Cover at 60° C and still achieve high level of hygiene.
  • Top quality velcro (warranty of 10 000 fastening and unfastening) allow you to easily adapt the cover to changing measures of your baby by millimetres
  • Beautiful prints which will make you want to own the whole collection!


100% Polyester (PU coated)

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