All-in-One Pocket One Size Diaper – Special Editon

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All-In-One (AIO) cloth diaper for children from 4 up to 15 kg

AIO cloth diaper means comfort for both baby and parents!

The outer layer of AIO cloth diaper is made of waterproof polyester laminated polyurethane (PUL), not only pretty with its cute designs but also breathable and very gentle towards your baby’s sensitive skin. PUL fabric repels water just like a waterproof jacket and due to that keeps moisture away from your baby’s skin while still allowing your baby’s skin to breathe.

The inner layer of AIO cloth diaper is made of extra absorbent bamboo rayon that makes your baby feel dry all the time while frill lining around the baby’s legs makes sure all the liquids stay inside the diaper. AIO diaper has a pocket on the backside with a snapped-in absorbent insert (bamboo rayon) that stays in place even with the most active babies. For more producing babies you can boost absorbency by adding in any insert from Bamboolik’s AI2 system.

With the help of superior quality, Velcro fastenings and four rows of snaps on the front side of AIO diaper you can easily adjust the diaper’s size. That means you always have a perfectly fitting diaper for your baby!


Inner Layer: 65% Viscose from Bamboo, 28% Cotton, 7% Elastane / Outer Layer: 100% Polyester (PU coated)

Inner Insert + Short Insert: 65 % Bamboo Rayon, 28 % Cotton, 7 % Elastaner


If you need to boost absorbency, you only need to add a few more components of Bamboolik’s diaper set, Short Insert, Toddler Insert or Prefold in AIO’s pocket.


Bamboolik's AIO Diaper has won the bronze medal in the poll "Czech Product of the Year 2016"!

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